The Sauces

 The Sauces

Chipotle Infinity Sauce
This sauce is a diamond in our collection. This has all of the versatility and complexity that you would expect from any of our sauces, but with the signature chipotle smoky earthy tones. This sauce is extremely versatile and is not very hot, more on the savory side. – Best Hot Sauce & Best overall condiment OC Fair 2014,  Blue Ribbon Marin County Fair 2015 – Best Chili Sauce!

Original Infinity Sauce
The sauce that started it all. This award winning sauce has a ton of flavor and depth. This sauce has a hint of sweet on the front end, a very unique multi-layer flavor profile in the middle and finishes with a some heat in the  back of the throat brought on by Habaneros. The heat is noticeable, but not overwhelming, and it gets you to crave more. – Ribbon Orange County Fair 2015 – Hot Sauce Division!

Double Chipotle Infinity Sauce
You like the chipotle smokiness? We have dug deep into that amazing smokiness flavor and taken it to the next level by doubling it. Very rich earthy smoky flavors, yet still a very complex and multi-layered. This sauce does not boast twice the heat as the regular Chipotle sauce, but the chipotle tones are on steroids.

Double Infinity Sauce
Very similar to the original profile, with less sweetness up front, a well blended center and twice the heat on the back end. The heat encompasses the upper part of your mouth with a rounded heat.  This is hot, but still serves up a lot of flavor. – Blue Ribbon Marin County Fair 2015 – Best Wing Sauce!

Ghost Monkey Infinity Sauce
Born on Halloween 2014, this sauce has a very different flavor profile from our regular sauces. It is a brighter, fresher style sauce with citrus nodes and a vivacious mouth feel. It has a fair amount of full mouth heat brought on by the ghost pepper, but nothing overwhelming. – 2016 awarded Best Hot Sauce, Best Overall Condiment & Judges Award at the OC Fair! 

Scorpion Monkey Infinity Sauce

This sauce is considered one of our wildest flavor profiles. The flavor journey you take to get to the heat is phenomenal; first you get mango flavors, then you dive into vinegar tones followed by paprika and cumin nodes. The heat starts at the top of your throat and works its way up to the roof of your mouth before rounding out.
This varietal is produced year round on limited bases – distributed first come, first serve.

Note: The Scorpion pepper (Trinidad Moruga Scorpion) is one of the world’s hottest and the hardest to tame. While we have ambushed this pepper with a ton of arsenal to make it burn too hot, although it still might be in the burning heat range to the novice.

Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex
This is a very rich and full bodied hot sauce. Each bottle boasts approximately 5-6 habaneros per bottle, but it is still all about the flavor first and foremost. To the experienced palate, in order to get to the heat, you have the please of experiencing sweet tones of peaches, rich vinegar tones, a little cumin before you are hit with a exploding bomb of at least a half a dozen spices/flavor tones that will effect each palate differently. There is a well centralized back of the mouth habanero heat that comes off after going through this roller coaster of flavor. To those who are not exposed to different crafted hot sauces, this might go from pleasant to “hot” very quick, but the heat does not burn for too long.

Ghost F**K Yourself
An amazing super-hot sauce with an ode to the days of punk rock DYI.  A stripped down version of our beloved Ghost Monkey sauce with almost 10x the amount of fresh ghost peppers added + dried ghost peppers. For the pepperheads that can handle this heat, you will be surprised by the amount of flavor that still fills this sauce. Unforgiving. Rebellious. Offensive. Bombastic. Loud. Discourteous. Fast. Explicit. Aggressive. Rowdy. Obnoxious. Unashamed.


Seasoning Salts / Dry Rubs / Spices

Black Sand

A beautifully balanced blend of salt, serrano peppers, smoked peppers, garlic, coffee with a bit of habanero. Amazing as a finishing spice, dry rub or cocktail additive. Perfect for rims of spicy Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas. Our personal favorite uses are on popcorn, grilled asparagus, and sweet potatoes.

9 Circles of Hell Chili Powder

Brought to you by our good friends at 9COH.  9  Circles of Hell is “small” batch, gluten free, chile powder that includes a blazing blend of 9 different hot and superhot chiles including Red Ghost Pepper, Red Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion, Black Cobra, and more!

The chiles are organically grown, naturally air dried indoors and then coarsely ground in a blade coffee grinder. After that the powder is mixed by hand several hundred times over a few weeks to insure consistency.

Package size is 3.5oz, in a resealable package that can last for months for the timid or just weeks for a true chili head.

Seasonal or Limited Releases

Sauce’d. A Bourbon Based BBQ sauce. This collaboration with Lucky Dutch Juice is an wonderful bourbon forward sweet barbecue sauce. Terrific on any meat you want to throw on the grill as well as a pleasant addition to sweet potatoes, and any other veggies you want to give the sultry bbq sauce flavor. Comes in a super cool 12.7 ounce glass flask bottle (reusable to out your own bourbon in after). This is a sweet sauce, not hot like our other sauces.

Artist Label Takeover
Check out our shop for artist “Label Takeover” sauces. These are limited edition sauces where the artwork has been hijacked by some of our favorite artists on a rotating basis. Currently in honor of SD Comic Con 2017, Paul Friedrich’s Onion Head Monster is gracing bottles of Ghost Monkey.



Created in the 4th Street Market East End Kitchens with the help of Foodbeast,  this 2015 Spring/Summer Seasonal is a very thick hot sauce with thick pieces of roasted carrots as it’s chunky base. It’s complimented with lime juice, mangoes and a healthy dose of fresh Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers. It’s extremely delicately balanced to remind you of springtime and early summer with a very healthy mouthful of heat on the back-end. SOLD OUT!

“Hatch-Quatch” Infinity Sauce
Roasted hatch chilies, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeno, cilantro, vinegar and Scorpion pepper. This sauce has the amazing sweetness and smokiness of the famous New Mexico Hatch Peppers. Our Hatch peppers are hand-picked in New Mexico and then custom roasted for us in locally. More mild on the palate than most of our other sauces, this varietal is also boast the most freshest flavor in our line. Available only for a short time and in a limited quantity from harvest time in August until its gone! – 2016 release date schedule for 9/01/16, 2016 is in stock now! Get it before it’s gone!

“the Ghost of Hatch-Quatch” Infinity Sauce
Roasted hatch chilies, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeno, cilantro, vinegar and Scorpion pepper + Ghost peppers! It’s a  SOLD OUT!

voodoo “Jackalope” – Stout Beer Chipotle Sauce This winter seasonal immediately hits your palate with a rich and robust hit of Stout beer using Left Coast Brewery Voodoo Stout, before the thick earthy smokiness of chipotle takes over followed by a palatable, but noticeable, heat. 2016 IS SOLD OUT!

voodoo “Dr. Jeykllope” – Stout Beer Chipotle Sauce This is a spiced up version of Voodoo Jackalope winter seasonal with very quick hit of heat and a short bust of chipotle tones before the heat from the added Scorpion pepper starts to take over. 2016 IS SOLD OUT!

Oak Conditioned Infinity Sauce
To be released in 2015/16, this sauce is a stripped down version of the best parts of our sauces that have then been given time to mellow in oak. The result is the world’s finest sauce that has been hand crafted with an oak finish. currently out of stock